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Little Vision Christian Academy

As a ministry, our focus and mission is to develop and equip our families to be able to walk in the victory that God has planned. One way that we do this is through our Daycare and Christian Academy. We believe that if we teach them and train them through education, through mentorship, and through care that prevention will be better than solution. We have had our Academy since 2002 and are proud of the fruit that has come out of our academy loins. Our students have excelled in other schools of higher learning with many of them being Straight A and Honor Roll students. We are proud of what God has commissioned us to do through the Little Vision Christian Academy.~ Bishop Keith Young Sr.


An academy of proven excellence which is renowned for the academic acheivement of the scholars and the dynamic experience of the faculty.

Students are educated through ABEKA Christian Curriculum by CDA Certified Faculty.


Daycare Services for Children under 5 years old

6:30 A.M. until 6:30 PM Monday through Friday


Offers tutoring as well as provides physical education to elementary age children


Designed to cater to children from infants up to 12 years old in the classroom as well as on the playground.

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